5 Things You Might Not Know About Joe Walsh

Friday, December 15, 2017
5 Things You Might Not Know About Joe Walsh

16 years ago today, Joe Walsh received an honorary degree in music from Kent State University. No, it’s not as momentous a date as, say, the day he was born or the day he joined the Eagles, but it’s a good enough excuse to offer you 5 things you might not know about Walsh.

1. He dropped out of Kent State.

Walsh majored in English and minored in music, but he confirmed in a 2012 interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune that the reason he dropped out wasn’t academic, it was the fact that he was there when the infamous shootings took place on campus. “After that, I didn’t look at college the same,” said Walsh. “(Then) the James Gang started to gather momentum and I decided I’d try pursuing music as a profession. Being at the shootings really affected me profoundly. I decided that maybe I don’t need a degree that bad.”

2. He’s got a daughter who’s a pretty swell actress.

Lucy Walsh was praised by critics for her work in a Broadway production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In addition, she’s also popped up in a number of films and TV series, including Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day, and she most recently appeared in the new season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

3. He’s got a very good reason for being on so many of Ringo Starr’s albums.

Granted, the biggest reason Joe has turned up on so many of Ringo’s albums is because they’ve been friends for many years now, but it probably helps that he’s married to Marjorie Bach, a.k.a. Barbara’s sister, which means that Joe is also Ringo’s brother-in-law.

4. He likes riding the rails.

While doing post-reunion recordings with the Eagles, Walsh – who lived in Encinitas at the time – regularly took the train to sessions. “After a while, the Amtrak crew kind of got to know me and we would visit and stuff,” he told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I love the rails (and have) since I was a real little kid. I just have this thing for trains; I like to look out the window.”

5. He contributed guitar work to two of Andy Gibb’s hit singles.

Walsh is well known for being prolific in the studio, popping up where you least expect him, but it’s somehow extra-surprising to learn that he can be heard playing on both “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” and “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water,” both of which appear on Gibb’s FLOWING RIVERS album.

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